Meter Manager Platform

TESCO is a company with more than 100 years of experience in metering and has created a comprehensive software platform designed specifically to optimize metering in the utility industry.

TESCO Meter Manager has tens of millions of assets under management supporting IOUS, Muni’s and Cooperatives. We are able to support and process electric, gas, and water meters as well as the network devices required in today’s AMI World.

Utility companies are focusing in on modernizing their operations and infrastructure and TESCO Meter Manager is enabling the realization of the investment through business process automation and optimization.



  • TESCO Meter Manager offers a "meter centric" approach to asset and inventory management. We enable full historical "cradle to grave" tracking of meters, devices, and equipment throughout the asset lifecycle.
  • TESCO Meter Manager Software automates metering, field and shop operations while helping metering managers make better business operational decisions.
  • Each Module is written specifically to support metering operations. No Module has been adapted for use from some niche outside of metering. TESCO has the only software written exclusively for metering professionals by metering professionals.
  • TESCO has worked tirelessly to create a uniform set of Modules written on the same software base for every customer in North America.
  • An enhancement for one customer is an enhancement for every customer. At the same time, every customer has every module configured for their use and their reporting requirements.
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