Meter Manager Meter Records

TESCO’s Meter Manager Meter Records Module provides a repository for all the information about meters and other metering devices that need to be tracked and retained for Metering operations. This module is designed to hold all the information about a device and will work in conjunction with a utility’s customer information system (CIS), such as enQuesta, keeping the important meter attribute information that the CIS system might not be capable of (such as firmware version, IP address, MAC address, etc.).

The system can store any information required about the metering equipment, from the manufacturer to the size and type of the meter, to the incoming line pressure (for gas) and other site specific information. This sytem is capable of tracking communication modules and firmware levels for these modules if the utility tracks this information.

The system tracks orders for new meters from initiation through acceptance in the meter shop and field deployment. Meters can initially be tracked by quantity, and then serialized upon receipt. TESCO Meter Records Module will integrate directly with the utility’s CIS, including SAP, providing the required information that is needed about the meters for the utility’s financial asset management system while also keeping the balance of the information that is needed by the metering department to effectively perform daily tasks.

Standard Features

  • Tracks all devices attributes
  • Handles ancillary devices, including those permanently attached to a meter or other device and removable/replaceable dvices (e.g. ERTs)
  • Tracks installation information, including related site specific information (e.g. incoming line size and pressure for gas meters or diagrams for electgric meters)
  • Tracks warranty information, including warranties from date of purchase, date of receipt, or date of install
  • Can be brought on-line prior to any upcoming CIS or Asset Management deployments
  • Stores, tracks, and reports on all meter tests regardless of the testing equipment used
  • Interfaces with the gas provers, electric test boards, and CT/VT testers
  • Assists in the automation of the work flow. New meters can be handled from the purchase order through the receipt of the meters and the automated loading of their attributes and manufacturer test results. Meters returned from the field for retirement can be received, dials or readings photographed, a test performed, and the meter released for retirement. Meters to be returned to the field can add steps to the process including leak testing and repainting.
  • Will track the reason for the test, the results of the test, the reasons for a failed test or a “no test.” Meter and device attributes will be recorded and are reportable. Records are retained indefinitely for all devices, with an archive function available. Once retired from service, the system will automatically track meters that require retention.

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