Meter Manager Field Exchange

Meter Manager Field Exchange
Meter Manager Field Exchange

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems rely on many components and their correct installation and integration to ensure the utility receives all of the benefits that accrue from this technology. TESCO Meter Manager includes a built-in software module specifically designed to assist with the installations, removal, and exchange process. This module can be used by utilities who are managing some or all of their own installations or for their third party installer to utilize.

TESCO Meter Manager Field Exchange software module is a highly effective, easy to use module designed to work in a connected or disconnected mode and can operate on popular field tablet PCs like the Motion Pro or ToughPad.

Core Features:

  • Installer scans the meter using a barcode scanner or directly enters the existing meter serial number
  • Meter Manager validates that the existing meter is installed and displays the current customer and address information so the installer can verify they are at the correct address and meter socket/panel
  • Installer enters the removal reading(s) for the existing meter
  • Installer scans the new meter number; the system requires scanning to eliminate data entry errors
  • Meter Manager validates the scanned meter is a valid meter number, is in stocked status, and the meter was checked out the correct installer
  • Installer completes the transaction in Meter Manager
  • The new/installed meter is removed from the installer’s inventory

The Installation Process

  • Simply scan the old/installed meter barcode; Or type in the meter number if no barcode exists
  • Enter the old/”out” meter reading(s)
  • Scan the barcode on the new/installed meter
  • Complete the exchange process

Meter Manager Field Exchange will greatly reduce manual errors from installers and delays from paperwork by automatically recording the activity in the field and then uploading the exchange at the end of the work day or in real time when the field tablet has remote communications capability.

In addition to reading barcodes, the built-in scanner can also be used to take pictures of the installation that can be stored by Meter Manager for review later if necessary. Storing the removal photos eliminates the need to quarantine large numbers of removed meters for a period of time in order to address any potential customer inquires if they arise.


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