Meter Manager Field and Site Verification Module

TESCO Meter Manager’s Field and Site Verification module can operate on several different levels of complexity. In the simplest mode, the system is suitable for a field tech to perform standard field operations such as self-contained meter changes or field tests. In a more complex mode, it can validate billing constants for meters with CTs and VTs, record voltage and phase angle information, as well as tests of meters and instrument transformers.

Site Verification is designed specifically for metering, so the system is able to enforce utility-specific business rules about what tasks, inspections and tests should be performed based on the work order type and type of service.

Standard Features

  • Captures the full detail of all field work
  • Configurable for different levels of work, presenting and capturing the data elements appropriate for each technician, from someone doing a simple residential inspection to a more complex instrument-rated meter installation.
  • Works in real-time with a wireless area network (WAN)
  • Integrated mapping, with high resolution satellite imagery and street view photos included
  • Supports combination barcode reader/imager to scan meters and then document the “as found” read
  • Photos may be attached to a test or a service
  • A notes field allows additional access information regarding the meter and the account
  • Any required site verification form and protocol will be presented to the meter tech for completion while on site
  • All available site information available from the customer information system (CIS), and the TESCO Meter Records system will also be presented for the field technician to compare with what he/she finds in the field. Perhaps more importantly, this also provides all location and access instructions for the meter, as well as any safety warnings (e.g. aggressive dog on site).

Allows the technician to document and correct any errors in downloaded information, capturing “As Expected”, “As Found”, and “As Left” values for every data element.

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