In-Service Testing/Random Sample

This statistically-based in-service testing program for gas and electric meters is based on a random sample approach consistent with ANSI/ASQ Z1.9, Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Variables for Percent Nonconforming. This module provides a uniform in-service meter testing program for the utility while providing a statistical tool to better determine the status and performance of different meter types. This in turn allows greater flexibility to make sound business decisions on how to manage various installed meter populations.

The Random Sample module works in conjunction with the Meter Shop Module. All reports are highly configurable and analysis of the data can be done within a group, across many groups, across several years, and by any attribute defined and gathered by the system. The Random Sample Module assists in administering any meter testing program. During implementation of this program, TESCO will support the utility with program details and regulatory authority reporting requirements.


Standard Features

  • Division of the meter population by meter type/group to find the population of each group. A key component of this process is the grouping of meters into sets of meters with similar risk of failure. This is usually by model but may include age and other attributes.
  • Determination of ANSI/ASQ Z1.9 and Z1.4 sampling requirements, identifcation of teh appropriate number of meters for each meter group, and the random tagging of meters for each meter group. TESCO will generate a file/report which will identify the number of meters that need to be tagged for each meter group based on the program sampling requirements and which meters from these groups will be chosen. The utility will use this information to generate work orders for the removal and testing of these selected meters. A customer-defined level of over-sampling compensates for “hard to reach” meters.
  • The ability to assign specific meter groups to a particular test group and to re-define these groups based on desired analysis and previous years’ test results.
  • Peform statistical calculations on meter group test data.
  • X-bar chart and histogram functions to provide a graphical overview of meter test data by meter group in order to quickly identify problem meter groups.
  • Group progress, defective/outlier meter, and detailed group statistical reports.
  • Management-level tracking reports as determined by the utility.
  • Automatic report preparation for submission to appropriate Commissions or Regulatory agencies (customizable).

As part of every Meter Manager project, TESCO can provide complete documentation and on-site installation and testing along with system training. TESCO will also provide the following support services during the one-year system warranty period:

  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Unlimited Report Evaluation Services
  • Reduced rate for any requestedsystem enhancements or training
  • Annual on-site system evaluation and analysis visit to analyze the current year’s test results and prepare for the upcoming year

If a utility opts to continue support following the initial one-year warranty period, TESCO will continue to peform the services described above including the annual system evaluation and analysis visit. An important component of this annual evaluation is the analysis of meter groups and whether to split or combine some of the defined groups.

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