Meter Manager Software Suite

Meter Inventory Module

The TESCO Meter Manager Meter Inventory Module is designed for comprehensive inventory control of meters and other serialized meter equipment, and will work in conjunction with the utility’s customer information system (CIS). This module will track the meter inventory for all of the technicians, trucks, and service centers.

The system is designed to handle any serialized energy measurement equipment. All items can be assigned to a location such as a field location, a truck, a meter shop, a district warehouse or even the manufacturer (if something is returned for warranty). Items can be scanned in and out of locations. TESCO Meter Manager opens all bar code scanners as true bar code scanners rather than keyboards, allowing use of the scanner regardless of the cursor location on the screen.


Standard Features
  • Tracks the location of every serialized energy measurement device
  • Interfaces with both tethered and untethered bar code scanners
  • Imports vendor data files containing meter serial numbers, attributes and factory test results
  • Creates meters in the customer’s CIS (if interfaced)
  • Tracks the specific location of a meter down to the shelf level
  • Supports warehouse mapping with an “X marks the spot” location for each meter
  • Supports containers: meters may be in a box, bin or pallet and the entire container may be moved within a warehouse, shipped, or retired as a single transaction
  • Min/max inventory quantities are supported for each warehouse
  • Physical inventory counts may be done at any time, with complete tracking of discrepancies
  • Full traceability of inventory transfers, with transactions to both ship and receive

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