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TESCO - The Eastern Specialty Company - The source for meter testing instruments and accessories for over 100 Years; Our company is growing and working to serve YOU!

Any meter test technician or engineer knows the TESCO name means reliability and ruggedness. This reputation for durability continues today with our commitment to develop and deliver artificial loads and burdens, test switches, wattmeter test accessories and a full range of meter testing operational support needed in today's competitive and changing market.

Today these products combined with the engineered solutions such as ultrasonic cleaning systems, statistical sampling process development & supporting software as well as technical support for preparing proposals and reports for regulating agencies and Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) for both electrical and gas metering operations help to make TESCO the preferred supplier for utilities worldwide. TESCO's services include Meter Shop Layout, Statistical Sampling, Equipment Specifications, Field Services, Facility Relocation, Quality Systems, Project Management and Custom Equipment.

TESCO Corporate History

TESCO - The Eastern Specialty Company was founded in 1904 and was a leader in the development of products and instruments for the electric distribution and metering industry throughout the 20th Century. A majority of utilities involved in the distribution of electricity during the 20th Century have used TESCO products. After many years of declining influence TESCO has been acquired by Advent Design, itself a 20 year veteran in electric metering. Advent Design is committed to reestablishing TESCO's major presence in the electric distribution and metering industry as we move forward into the 21st Century. Advent Design is reintroducing TESCO's product line and is supporting all TESCO products still being used in the shop or field. We are also introducing new products to add to the breadth of the TESCO product line. TESCO's product line includes a Phase Sequence Indicator, CT Field Test Set, Meter Test Switch, Artificial Loads and Burdens, Meter Warm-up Board, Meter Cleaning System, Service Ground Test Set, Transformer Polarity Checker, Accessories and Industrial Flashlights.

Advent Design was founded in 1984 and has designed and implemented automated meter cleaning systems, automated meter test stations, and automated material handling systems. Advent Design has also developed a variety of instruments to meet unique utility field and shop requirements. During the early 1990's Advent Design pioneered the development of innovative statistical testing programs for both electric and gas utilities. Advent Design has worked with numerous public utility commissions to help write new meter testing regulations. This broad range of engineering expertise and background is now being brought to bear on the TESCO product line of meter test instruments and tools.

TESCO was started by a utility veteran 100+ years ago and has never forgotten those roots. TESCO in the 21st century will continue to build on this foundation. The Eastern Specialty Company was issued the first patent for a Meter Test Switch. After providing what was considered an industry standard for nearly 75 years, TESCO sold off that product line as the company floundered just prior to the turn of the century. In 2004 we proudly re-introduced the test switch line, which serves as the foundation of many TESCO products. In order to provide the best resources to go forward, Advent Design's product development team is combing through old product literature and speaking with TESCO instrument users at utilities all over the country. Later this year Advent Design plans to reintroduce Load Boxes and a low cost Meter Warm-up Board that handles multiple meter forms in one compact unit. The TESCO tradition of innovation, experience, and expertise in the electric utility industry is alive and well at Advent Design. We hope you will join us as we move forward together into our second century of service.

What Makes TESCO Different?

Backed by Advent Design Corporation, TESCO (The Eastern Specialty Company) is a manufacturer and service provider to the meter industry owned by, run by, and staffed by engineers. Engineers who have spent the last twenty years working with electric and gas utilities to address and solve their toughest metering problems; whether they were equipment problems, system problems or regulatory issues.

One of TESCO's continued strengths is the company's ability to successfully work with our utility clients in a variety of capacities. As customers' needs have changed and evolved, TESCO has diversified and added to the services we offer this unique market segment.

In addition to the products we design and manufacture TESCO engineers have worked with our utility clients to:

  • Develop new meter shop layouts to improve productivity.
  • Document new and existing processes.
  • Develop Quality Systems.
  • Design and implement automated material handling systems.
  • Design and build meter-cleaning systems.
  • Develop system specifications for meter records systems.
  • Design and build meter-testing systems.
  • Design and build safety equipment for field technicians.
  • Solve field installation issues associated with AMR deployment programs.
  • Develop In-Service Statistical Test Programs to reduce the number of meter test performed each year while providing an improved picture of the overall meter population measurement accuracy.

In addition to the utility metering marketplace TESCO's parent company Advent Design provides products and services to a diverse range of industries. Such experience allows TESCO to bring solutions and methodologies from these industries to solve any variety of problems a utility customer may encounter. In addition to the Electric, Gas and Water Utility industries, Advent Design works successfully in the food industry, the metal working industry, the automotive industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical device industry, the computer industry, the semi-conductor industry, and contract packaging to name a few. The services performed range from product development, to complete facility planning and layout projects (site selection, planning, implementation, and start-up), to extensive redesigns of entire machine product lines and processes, to complete project management and implementation responsibility for entire new facilities or manufacturing programs.

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