TESCO Site Service Plans

You're Covered!

TESCO equipment is built tough and made to last. They’re designed with the technician’s point of view in mind – lightweight, rugged & completely reliable. However, sometimes things can wear out... even on the best equipment!

Now you can have the piece of mind knowing that your TESCO equipment will be covered under a life-time service plan (even if the original warranty expired twenty years ago) with TESCO Site Service Plans. No matter how old (or new) your TESCO equipment is…the equipment’s covered!

Here’s How the Plan Works…

Tell us what TESCO equipment you have (include model & serial number). Also, what is the current status of the equipment? (e.g. currently in use, good working condition, slightly damaged, not functional). Please include a photo of the equipment. Send the list to TESCO for a quotation (info@tescometermanager.com).

The plan is just that simple!

All Site Service Plans cover your equipment for 1-year and are extendable each year (on a year-by-year basis). If any equipment should need to be retired, we will issue a credit towards the service plan or a new piece of equipment.

We believe TESCO makes the best equipment on the market. We are willing to cover all of our equipment for as long as you have our equipment. TESCO will always provide a buy-back option for all equipment you plan to retire, upgrade or replace.

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